The company Firma C N Ahlin is a well equipped workshop for wind instruments with several years of experience of repairing woodwind as well as brasswind instruments. The company also manufactures natural trumpets on a small scale basis along with some distribution of second hand instruments. The workshop is located in Hejde in the middle parts of the Swedish island Gotland.

Carina Nyström Ahlin

Brasswind teacher with an education from Piteå School of Music. As a brasswind teacher I am aware of the importance of a well functioning instrument, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional musician.

Many years of experience of woodwind as well as brasswind repair. To keep myself updated on new repair techniques, I visit on a regular basis the leading repairers and instrument manufacturers in Germany and Belgium for supplementary training.

Professional member of the NAPBIRT (National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians). This membership keeps me updated on what is new at all time, as well as it enables me to share the experiences of colleagues all over the world.

Small scale manufacturing of natural trumpets. My interest in historical wind instruments has brought me to masters in Germany as well as in Holland, where I have learned how to make these instruments in a historical manner.

Furthermore, through contacts with former instrument makers at the Ahlberg & Ohlsson factory, I have had the privilege of sharing their knowledge regarding manufacturing and repairing.


Carina Nyström Ahlin
Hejde Medebys 102

Mob. +46 70-492 43 95
E-post: carina@cnahlin.se

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